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Aims and Scope

Mycosystema is an international journal publishing original research papers on mycology and open to all scientists. The journal is published monthly under the co-auspices of Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Mycological Society of China. With development of Mycology science, the journal has been renamed twice. From 1982 to 1996, the Chinese title of was Zhen Jun Xue Bao and English title was Acta Mycologica Sinica, and ISSN No. 0256-1883. From 1997 to 2003, the Chinese title was Jun Wu Xi Tong and English title was Mycosystema, and ISSN No. 1007-3515. And from 2004 till now, Chinese title of journal is Jun Wu Xue Bao and English title is Mycosystema, and ISSN No. 1672-6472.

Papers may be either in English or in Chinese with an English abstract. Contributions are mainly accepted in the field of taxonomy, biodiversity, biogeography, molecular systematics, ecology, pathology, genetics, medical mycology, and biotechnology. Literature reviews dealing with various aspects of mycology will also be considered. The manuscripts are strictly refereed prior to acceptance.

Peer-review Process

Mycosystema is a peer-reviewed open access journal and publishes about 40% of the papers submitted each year. All submissions including invited papers are strictly refereed prior to acceptance. Referee anonymity will be maintained.

During the initial submission phase, all submissions are evaluated carefully by the scientific editors and executive editors. Manuscripts that fall outside the journal’s scope and those that do not reach publication level will be returned to the authors before peer-review. Typically, 3-5 working days from submission to the first editorial decision. The manuscripts passing the initial review will be assigned to associate editors, and then sent to qualified peer reviewers. Each manuscript was sent to two qualified peer reviewers. The third reviewer will be invited when the two original reviewers have different opinions. Review period for each expert reviewer is two weeks.

As a result, editor-in-chief and associated editors of Mycosystema will check reviewers’ advice and discuss thoroughly before reaching the final decision. The editors will send clear, fair, constructive feedback to authors within 4-5 weeks from the submission date.

Author Fees

Mycosystema charges nominal publication fee to offset expenses associated with the overall journal operations, publishing and printing, mailing and shipping, website maintenance, etc.

There are no submission charges. Each accepted paper will be charged from 3,000 to 6,000 RMB for publishing, and extra 1,000 RMB for color charges. Payment instructions will be notified by the editorial assistant after the acceptance of the paper. The fees to be paid are indicated below. Authors are recommended to use Wire Transfer.


Publication fee

Less than 7 pages

3,000 RMB

8-12 pages

4,000 RMB

13-19 pages

5,000 RMB

More than 20 pages

6,000 RMB

Plagiarism Check

Check for Plagiarism on the Web Misconduct Literature Check).

Adopt the independently developed “CNKI Adaptive Muti-stage Fingerprint Analysis Technology”.

Based on massive, professional, complete and high-frequency updated full-text comparison resources with clear copyright.

Provide a more accurate, professional and reliable test results and multidimensional data statistical analysis.

Publishing Policy

Copyright and Licensing

Authors are asked to agree to publish their work under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution license (PDF of the agreement).

Mycosystema requires authors to transfer the copyright of their published contributions. By signing the Copyright Transfer Statement authors still retain substantial rights, such as self-archiving. Further information on copyright and licensing still can be found in our publishing policies. Download Copyright form

Others may not use the work for commercial purposes without permission. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at

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Director / WANG Min

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